Welcome to our sidecar world

The Scandinavian Side Bike is a completely new concept for cargo bikes as you buy the sidecar separately and hook it up to your own bicycle. That way you have the functions of a cargo bike and that of a regular bike in one and the same bicycle.The sidecar is made from carbon or glassfiber which both is a very strong materials. The sidecar is attached to your own bicycle using a mounting bracket containing a pivot bearing which allows for the sidecar and the bicycle each to function relative to each other. This way you get the feeling of riding a normal bicycle eventhough a sidecar is attached. Combined with the light weight of the sidecar you get a much more enjoyable bike ride experience compared with other cargo bikes. This particular bicycle combination also gives you the opportunity to go for much longer distances and allows you to do your bike riding practise together with your children. You will not be limited by the typically heavy purpose-built cargo bikes. Instead you get more opportunities to embark on different types of trips and to enjoy new experiences together as a family.One of the many great advantages of the sidecar is that is can be used as a sleigh for cross-country skiing. The base of the sidecar already has built-in shaped runners so you only need to get drawbars and a harness in order to go on amazing trips in the mountains with the children.The Scandinavian Side Bike has been developed and produced in Denmark while designed with a focus on lightness and freedom for everyone who values spending time with the family. It supplies an unlimited amount of possibilities for trips on asphalted roads, gravel paths and even snow. The sidecar is a high quality product which has been thought through to the very last detail with much attention paid to both design and functionality. Scandinavian Side Bike is the perfect sidecar when you value quality, freedom of movement, lightness and spending time with the family.</p>