About us

Scandinavian Side Bike is a small family business. The concept was based on the simple idea of creating a sidecar for our little son. The idea quickly developed and the project moved ahead. We realized that we also wanted to use the sidecar as a sleigh as everyone in the family is a keen cross-country skier. By the time the very first sidecar had been built, the idea of producing more of them had already surfaced. This was partly due to the degree of attention we attracted from other parents
when riding through the local streets. The parents were very eager to learn where they could buy the same sidecar for their own children.
So, we decided to start up our own company and called it Scandinavian Side Bike. We chose this particular name as we love the Scandinavian outdoor culture and could easily imagine the versatile uses of the ‘side bike’ for the whole family, whether on bikeor on skis, where ever in the world you may be.

Eva Lindemark and Torben Skov Andersen
Torben and Eva are the owners and initiators of the company Scandinavian Side Bike.
Torben is a cycle specialist and an enthusiastic skier

Jan Skov Andersen
Jan has his own boating company and is a skilled designer as well as a specialist when it comes to working with carbon.
Besides the design of the shell for the sidecar Jan has a variety of boat designs under his belt. Check out his designs on his website:

Ivar Lindemark
Ivar is the grandfather for everyone working on the project. He has great technical knowledge and is truly a mechanical wonder. Ivar has managed his own company for 35 years and as a result has much experience in running a professional business