The sidecar has been designed with a focus on lightness, which in turn enhances the bike riding experience. It is without a doubt the lightest cargo bike on the market today.
The width between the wheels can be adjusted, in order to allow for the individual fitting of each bicycle, which then determines the distance between the bicycle and the sidecar. Therefore, the width of 75cm (29,5 inches) illustrated on the drawings is only an average Measurement.


Width between wheels 75 cm (29,5 inches)

Total length of sidecar 120 cm (47,2 inches)

Maximum load 45 kg (99 Ibs)

Wheel size 20″ Weight as sleigh Approx. 7,9 kg (17,4 Ibs)

Weight of sidecar incl. frame Approx. 11,9 kg (26,2 Ibs)


Buddy: Glassfibre

Frame: Steel

Mounting: brackets Aluminium

Windscreen: Polycarbonate

Seat: Imitation leather 

Which bicycles can the sidecar be mounted on?Our sidecar fits on 80% of the bikes on the market. However, there are certain conditions that must be met before a sidecar can be mounted on bicycle.

  • According to EU law, it is not legal to mount the sidecar on a Speed Pedelec.
  • The bike needs a standard frame with a triangle for mounting the rear wheel. (See Picture 1)
  • The wheels must be between 24-29 inches.
  • Chain guard must not be completely closed. (See Picture 2 and 3)
  • The Bike frame must not be made of carbon.
  • High-Performance lightweight alu frame road race bikes and mountainbike with full suspension are not recommended


We have 2 different mounting brackets for the Sidecar.

To determine which one of these fits your bike best, we need some Measurements.

If the length of chainstay is over 44 cm, (17,3”) you need a long bracket. if below 44 cm = Short Bracket.

See picture below

If you want to be sure that the sidecar fits your bike just send us an email at with a picture of your bike viewed from the side.